Running Dog Art : Your Pets in Painting

Do you own a dog, cat or another special pet that you would like to see immortalized by an artist? Consider commissioning an art piece by Sandra Cross, a native of Ellensburg, Washington, and a self-proclaimed “mother of a fur baby”. On top of receiving her master’s degree in painting, she has an extensive history of working not only with cats and dogs, but also with small animals, farm animals, and even exotic pets. She knows the best ways to capture the qualities of your companion in a piece of art that will last forever.

What To Expect At a Sitting

Sandra knows that sometimes it is hard to get pets to sit still. That is why she offers a complimentary “meet and greet” before setting up a session. During this session, Sandra takes multiple pictures of your animal, as well as determining whether it would be better to paint your pet in person or give your pet its space. Not every pet is the same, and Sandra is determined that while she proves you with quality work, she also wants your animal to be comfortable and stress-free.

Should you opt to do a sitting session at Sandra’s studio, you should expect frequent breaks, treats and water for your pooch. All of these services are complimentary.

Why To Consider a Pet Portrait

A frequent question that Sandra is asked is why a person should consider a painted portrait over a photograph? There are many things to consider when trying to immortalize an animal companion. While photographic portraiture does capture the way your pet looks, like a sit-down portrait for a human it doesn’t always capture the essence of an animal companion. With painting, Sandra not only captures the way a beloved pet looks she also incorporates a pet’s personality. Sandra can paint an animal running, walking on the beach, at the family home, or anywhere personal to you and your pet.

Paintings Of Pets Who Have Passed

In addition to doing traditional sittings and paintings of live animals, Sandra can also capture the personality of a deceased pet. These portraits are ideal for memorials and gifts for the animal’s human companions. Considering a personalized gift like this says to the grieving pet companion that you cared about the life of a deceased pet.

Please consider stopping by the studio in Ellensburg for a complimentary pet sitting. This is a limited time offer with limited space, so for further questions or to reserve a sitting, please contact Sandra Cross.

Wishing peace and prosperity to you and your animal companion.