Exercising on a dog treadmill makes unique artwork

Most people would not consider painting their dog exercising on a dog treadmill, but it makes for a good conversation piece and preserves memories of a loved animal.

Whether the dog is disabled or the dog treadmill is simply for exercise, the time it spends on the treadmill is a happy time, much like when dogs are let out to run anywhere. Capturing and preserving the animal’s happiness is the purpose of the artwork, and the reality of the situation is that dogs are happy when they’re active.

A good artist can render the treadmill in such a way that it fits into the setting, such as how a couch or a sofa fits in a sleeping dog painting. The brush strokes take the mechanical aspect out of the equation, so the piece is able to focus on the dog more than the treadmill.

Nothing is off limits in art

When trying to decide on settings that are suitable for artwork, nothing is off limits. In fact, typical portraits and landscapes can become boring and expected. Pets are often subjects in artwork, but pets doing unique activities is unexpected and interesting.

The inspiration behind your chosen subject(s) should be to evoke the memory of a feeling or even elicit the feeling again when viewing the painting. Our pets are not with us forever, and memories through paintings keep them with us forever. Why not paint them doing things that we fondly remember or that made the dog unique and happy?

Maybe your dog is a regular dog with an average life, and a typical painting is exactly what you want. However, there is no reason to shy away from reality. Some dogs are missing a leg, are stuck using a dog wheelchair, or have other disfigurements that are not deemed particularly “art worthy.” Their unique characteristics are actually what makes them art worthy.

Let art be unique, and let it be real, and you will be able to find more enjoyment in the pieces you commission. When it comes to the animals we cherish and that are with us for so little time, art creates the memories we can continue to cherish once they are gone. Make sure those memories represent the high points in the dog’s life, so they will truly represent happy moments.

Lastly, make sure the artist you hire is on the same page as you when considering the setting of your painting. Don’t let them narrow your choices to the usual, and your painting will be one you’ll want for a lifetime.